With an impeccable track record, Savul have established themselves as trusted and reliable partners to its clients. We understand that Customs Clearance is the most sensitive issue for many Clients for handling their cargo smoothly by all aspects.

We understand the implication and the impact of cargo not cleared in a timely manner and we have Developed a working module and ultimately a reputation for delivering every-time, on time.

To avoid any unpleasant situation, we always try to first understand customers’ information in a most Professional manner & tackle all formalities in advance including Tax related information or requirement of documents, ensuring perfect documentation. This entire exercise is handled by professionals with hands-on experience of over three decade with current industry knowledge, up to date information of Customs Rules & Procedure along with policy updates,

This-topped with a solid good relationship network with all concerned departments.

Our experience, expertise and relationships built over the decades makes us an ideal custom clearance Partner for Exports & Imports of any type of commodity, through Ocean or Air freight.